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Here is some of Susanís recent work.  This page is continually updated with the latest creations, so please check back frequently.

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shinbowll0519.jpg (28731 bytes) shinobowl418.jpg (5392 bytes) shinoCarbonTrappingTeabowl.jpg (8200 bytes) shinoCrystalsBowl.JPG (9417 bytes)

shinojar2.JPG (14381 bytes) shinojar.jpg (23840 bytes) shinoswirlteabowl.JPG (13501 bytes) shinoteapot.jpg (14833 bytes)

shino glazes

junoribeVase.JPG (9697 bytes) junoribeBowl.JPG (7760 bytes)

jun/oribe glazes

copperRedJar.JPG (28498 bytes) copperRedTeabowl.JPG (6839 bytes)

copper red glazes

threebottles0519.jpg (31908 bytes) threetumblers0519.jpg (32746 bytes)

wide variety of functional designs

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